Kiln Dried Wood


Kiln Dried Wood

£125.00 £85.00

Our wood has been kiln-dried to reduce moisture levels to under 15% providing optimum wood for burning. This wood is delivered and is ready for immediate burning and will give you the maximum heat output.



  • Quantity: 1/4 tonne bag (250kg)
  • High-quality kiln-dried wood for burning on open fires, multi-fuel stoves & wood burners
  • A cleaner and greener approach to warm your home, simply a natural wood products
  • Ready for home storage, cut to size and split into quarters
  • More economical than higher moisture content wood.
  • An effective burn that produces lower residue, which results in cleaner chimneys and pipes.
  • The wood has a low moisture content of under 15%
  • Safer then normal wood as our kiln dried logs won’t spit or crack

Prices are inclusive of VAT
Free Delivery to Mainland Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
Surcharge costs apply for non-Mainland Britain – Check out our Delivery page for details

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