Q: Where can I store BRF products?

A: We suggest you to keep the BRF products in a cool/dry place.


Q: Do you deliver to my postcode?

A: We offer delivery across Britain. More information is available on our delivery section.

Q: Can we get different products on single pallet?

A: No, However, feel free to call or email for customised request on 020 3026 4059

or info@britishrenewablefuels.co.uk


Q: What VAT rate is included in the price?

A: 5% for domestic use. If ordering for re-sale or business use, 20% rate applies. Please contact us for a quotation if you are purchasing for business use.


Q: Can you deliver my order on a given date?

A: We offer 2 kinds of delivery options to our buyers as follows

  • Next business day delivery
  • Standard delivery (within 2-3 business day)

For any other particular requirements connect with us on 020 3026 4059 or info@britishrenewablefuels.co.uk 

Q: Will you convey the ordered goods into my home/garden/shed?

A: Conveyance is contracted to the kerbside. However, drivers will normally move your goods to the nearest point accessible by a flat and level surface, even if this is inside your garage or shed.


Q: I work / live near the delivery location but will not be there all day. Will the delivery company call me so I can meet them?

A: Yes, we can ask the delivery company to call you or you can call on our delivery department’s phone number  020 3026 4059

Q: Will you let me know what day the delivery is?

A: Yes we would be happy to do this for you. Please send us a note with your order or contact us by telephone or email.